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Because Reverend Shere Raleigh Minister is frequently called upon to officiate marriage vows outside of traditional religious settings, she has  seen time and again that a holy temple can be created anywhere love is present, hence the name of her practice; Sacred Space. 







When couples unite they do so with their hearts, their minds and with all of  their being. Every time I officiate at a Pagan or Earth ceremony I am awed by the extraordinary energy that becomes available when two people in love literally step up to commit themselves to sacred union. 


All couples desire a memorable and special ceremony –


Are you someone that  may want to tread lightly on some of the traditions with strong religious beliefs and instead have a ceremony  that is reflective of your  love for one another and is welcoming to all who come?


Are you  someone who is  clear about expressing your spiritual beliefs and want to do so with a full inclusive ceremony such as quotes from texts, rituals from the religion and sometimes with full guest participation?  Or would you prefer to have elements and have it run eloquently through the ceremony where even a Christian would be OK with it?

It all works for me!  I am a creative soul - understanding that we are all expressions of the Divine and it is my Intuitive gift that guides me in finding the words that uniquely express your desires.

                        So Let's get started


So this is what is will look like.  We will have a complimentary meeting, in person or on the phone and once you get the gut feeling of Yes, we want to work with you, then you put down a 50% deposit.  I will gather information from you to begin crafting the elements that will begin to personalize  the ceremony.  Once I send you the first draft, the remainder needs to be paid.  From this point it is a collaboration, back and forth until the written words  embody the energy and take on a life of its own and resonate with you both! 


I have found that my intuition has served me well over the many years of doing this to come up with all the nuances that reflect the couple I am working with.  Each and everyone has felt that the ceremony uniquely spoke to them.


 The ingredients are many in a love story, it is my job to sift through your story and bring it to a level of expression that can be uniquely shared between the 2 of you first and foremost   – then to  share it with your community –in a way that is personally filled with joy and exhilarating to you.   At the core of the ceremony is a celebration of your love. 




As an ordained interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant, I specialize in joining:




Because I am experienced with working with couples of all backgrounds I am comfortable including and blending elements from any tradition.  I have officiated weddings that have included rituals, readings or elements from: Kabbalah, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, Toaism, African, Native American, Celtic cultures. 

Then again, some ceremonies make no reference at all to culture or faith. It is up to the couple.

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