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Your spiritual connection with the Divine is the most intimate personal relationship you will ever have.  No one knows what path best expresses your connection with a Higher Power, not ministers, guru’s, priests, your family, not even your soul-mate, and certainly not me.  Your life is to be co-creative process which I will help you operate from a deeper level.   


Your living, breathing, awesome self will be supported with all the sacredness you deserve, with or without referring to any particular religion. Yet at the same time if there is a belief or tradition that is important to you, that will be included.  Whatever your passions are, they are meant to be given life; whatever touches the deepest part of your soul, your dreams and longings to be expressed, shall be weaved  into existence.    Many times people equate their spiritual journey with nature, art, music, literature and when so this shall be included in a way that speaks to you.  


We will together work through any sensitive issues with care, consideration and love so that no matter what... you will feel fully supported and uplifted. Do know that I live by spiritual principles which include being highly connected directly to Source - not every day logic and societies conventions.  I know how to make my life an every day miracle, and I  can help you to open yourself up to the natural forces that are apart of our Universe, that you too can have miracles happen every day.  There are 2 ways I offer coaching. One is a monthly plan, in which the sessions are done over video chat or phone and they are four 45minute sessions with unlimited emails. This is $280.  The other is at the office during my business hours which is your choice of an hour or 90 minute sessions AFTER an initial first 90 minute session; go here to book

If you are leaning in toward calling me or even stepping into the unknown and making a leap of faith appointment Wow I applaud you and know that your resistance is low and great things are about to unfold for you.  If on the other hand you are resistant, I encourage you to have a 15 minute free conversation with me to ease you into this new adventure.


Spiritual Life Coach

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